Meow me to introduce myself

I’m your new best friend and daily sidekick! With fun, personalized weather alerts, I’ll make sure you’re prepared to take on the day. From grabbing an umbrella to grabbing the train, I’ve got you covered.

iPhoning it in

My new iOS app is here! Download and you’ll get even more fun stuff to make you smile every morning–like horoscopes, mantras, and lifehacks. It’s time to delete your other weather app.

Stick with me

I’ve got tons of new stickers in my iMessage app. Flirt with your crush or flake on your plans without having to say anything. I’m your ultimate wingman.

Chat’s what I’m talkin’ about

Can’t sleep? Feeling bored? Need a pal? I’m always on! I’ve got jokes, recipes, dating advice and more. Find me on Facebook Messenger.

A person eating too much pizza might seem sad, but Poncho eating too much pizza is funny.

What’s New?!

I’m on a whole ‘nother Planet!

Bet you didn’t know you were friends with a reality star. I had a one-episode run on Apple Music’s ‘Planet of the Apps’!

Peep the ep

I won a Webby Award!

BIG thanks to all my fans who voted. You love me, you really love me!

Let’s vibe on Viber!

You should totally follow and chat with me there for good weather and good vibes.

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